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Tread Patterns

Staggered Block · C-Pad · Straight-Bar · Zig Zag · Multi-Bar · Turf

You need the right machine for the job. The same is also true for your rubber tracks. Certain ground conditions call for specialized tracks and knowing that difference is important to a job well done. Please use the information below to help decide on which type of tread pattern you would like to purchase.

Staggered Block
High versatility

The Staggered Block tread design creates a highly versatile track with good balance and traction. The design also minimizes vibration by putting more rubber on the traveling surface which spreads the weight load while increasing flotation.

Great for hills and slopes

The C-Pad is known by many names (C-Pad, C-Lug, C-Pattern, C-Block). All of which, describe its distinctive "c-shaped" tread design. Regardless of what it's called, the C-Pad provides a more aggressive bite than the Staggered Block design. This gives it optimal flotation and traction for better results on hills and slopes.

Aggressive and effective

The Straight-Bar tread pattern is the most aggressive option avaialble. This track has great results in mud and snow as well as applications where traction is more important than the ground left behind. Operator comfort also takes a back seat.

Zig Zag
Extreme versitility

The Zig Zag tread pattern provides a smooth ride with optimal wear on multiple surfaces. This pattern also effective in snow and mud.

Aggressive and smooth

The Multi-Bar tread pattern is aggressive, yet provides a smoother ride than the Straight-Bar design. It also offers great flotation and traction.

Protects grass and delicate surfaces

This turf-friendly tread pattern helps protect delicate surfaces while providing maximum contact to the ground. A smooth ride also helps with operator comfort.