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Skid Steer Tires

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Rubbertrax offers aftermarket replacement flat-proof cushion tires mounted on reusable rims for easy change and go convenience. Avoid further down time by using our flat-proof solid-cushion tire that lasts up to four times longer than pneumatic skid steer tire. Another advantage of our solid-cushion tires is that they are already mounted and ready to install. This means no further hassles of waiting on the tire company to come out and press your new tire on. This makes for a simple install that the average skid steer operator can handle with ease.

Flat-proof solid-cushion tires from Rubbertrax

Our flat-proof solid-cushion tires combine the strength and durability of a solid tire with the soft ride and grip of a pneumatic. To the casual observer these tires might look like a solid rubber tire with holes cut in it. However, those sidewall apenture holes are part of a unique system of engineered components that work together to deliver in ways that no other tire design can.

Rubbertrax Skid Steer Tires

Sidewall Aperture Holes

Sidewall Aperture Holes

  • Increases shock absorption for your machine over rough terrain
  • More comfortable for the operator
  • Provides flex for increased grip

Advanced Inner Core

Advanced Inner Core

  • Sidewalls are made from a flexible elasticized rubber compound
  • Steel reinforcing bands near the wheel provide strength and rigidity

Pre-Mounted Tires

Pre-Mounted Tires

  • Tires already mounted and ready to install
  • No waiting on the tire company to come out and press new tire on

Performance Tread Pattern

Performance Tread Pattern

  • Self-cleaning design
  • Available in multiple tread patterns
  • Thick 2-inch tread for aggressive bite

Solid-cushion Skid Steer Tire Advantages

Puncture-Proof Tires
Nails and debris won't stop your work
Long Life Span
Lasts significantly longer than pneumatic
Blowouts Eliminated
No more accidents from blowouts
Eliminate Downtime & Delays
No air pressure to check
Zero Repair Overhead
No more flat repair or service calls
Abrasion Resistant Tread
For use on hard surfaces
Reduces Machine Wear
Sidewall aperture holes absord shock
Traction Patterns
For aggressive traction
Reduces Tipping
Lowers machine center of gravity
Offset Wheel Design
No wheel spacers needed
Simple Installation
No special equipment needed for mounting
Operator Comfort
Increased shock absorption for comfort

Common Fitment Examples

The 33x12-20 size commonly fits the following machines:
Make / Model Tire Size Wheel Bolt Pattern Pneumatic Tire Size
Bobcat 843 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Bobcat 853 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Bobcat 863 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Bobcat 873 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Bobcat 883 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Bobcat 885 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 60XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 70XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 75XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 85XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 90XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 95XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 570LX 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 1845B 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
Case 1845C 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5

The 30x10-16 size commonly fits the following machines:
Make / Model Tire Size Wheel Bolt Pattern Pneumatic Tire Size
Case 40XT 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Case 1845 1845B 1845C 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Gehl 4635X 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Gehl 4835 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Gehl 5625 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
John Deere 240 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
John Deere 6675 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
John Deere 7775 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat S175 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat S185 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat 742 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat 743 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat 751 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat 753 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
Bobcat 763 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5

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