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Differences in MTL Widths and Lug Counts

Are you confused by all of the different width options and how many drive lugs are on your multi-terrain loader? It isn’t as simple as determining if you have the fifteen, eighteen, or twenty inch version. It’s also not as simple as knowing the model. Several models like the PT-100 come in two different versions and if you have the forestry version you might need the twenty inch wide version with four rows of lugs instead of the eighteen inch wide version with three rows of lugs. On the MTL loaders from Cat, ASV, and Terex, the widths are not optional or interchangeable. They are all very specific and you cannot change widths based on preference like you can with most track loaders.

Check out our video below to see the differences visually and what questions you might need to answer prior to replacing your ASV and Cat MTL rubber tracks.

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